Ketamine Story

There’s a boy sitting on the curb on a long endless street in a suburb just a few miles outside of a big city. This boy is James. This boy is shaking and crying. This boy is holding his face in his hands. This boy is the only person on the street. This boy is wearing crisp beige slacks and a baby blue polo which sinches a bit around his shoulders. This boy is joined by two other boys and a girl who exit from a house which his back faces. They are happy and giggling and seem very pleased about something.

JAMES JAMES. Please don’t be tired.

I’m not.

Then what’s up?

That movie. It scared me.




Don’t worry though James! There’s nothing to be scared of. It was all a big joke.

Let’s just do some drugs, ok?


We have ketamine!!! It is so yummy. And it’ll make you feel real good. Do you want to feel real good?

I want to feel good.

Then take some of this ketamine!!!!

Ok SIR. I will.

James takes a handful of the ketamine and ingests it anally through his prolapsed asshole.

Wow! Hehe! I love ketamine.

The ketamine is coursing through James’ body and all his other friends and they decide to do something frivolous and fun.

Let’s go somewhere!

I know a place.

They end up at a dog groomers’ which is closed but they pull on the handle of the door and it opens. They are greeted by endless hordes of dogs which run up to them and kiss their faces. They are all pleased and happy and dancing around.

Wow! YAY! Ketamine fun! I love the way this makes me feel!

These dogs are SOOOOOOOO fluffy!!! Omg. Fluffy dogs come over here. I want to pet you.

This fur is like melting butter. I could play with it all day.

I love this place! Are you guys having a good time?


It’s cool.

I’m fine or whatever.

The streetlights outside illuminate the occasional passing pedestrian, and headlights briefly illuminate the street as cars pass. The lights aren’t on in the locally owned business so no one can tell that these kids are here. The kids can see because of the faint light coming in from the outside. The headlights occasionally hit one of their faces and they reel in imagined pain.

OW! The light, that light, the light hit me square in the eye. Just kidding! It didn’t really hurt or anything. I’m not a big baby or anything like that really.

The kids all decide to leave the store. They’ve spent too much time there. It’s time to move on. They walk down the street and continue for hours doing ketamine all the way.

Drug. Drug. Ketamine. Wow. So yummy. So great. I feel like I’m floating. I feel like I could just fly away. I guess I usually think that I’m bigger than myself. I guess I have an inflated view of my self.

WOW. Do you guys see that?


The plane in the sky!! It is smiling at us. It is so cute. Cutie pie plane get over here. Come to papa. Don’t be scared cutie pie plane I just want to kiss you and hold you.

WOW! That plane is so cutie pie. I love cutie pie plane.

Oh wow! All the cutie pies on cutie pie plane going to cutie pie land. Must be such a wonderful place.

Look! I can see a cutie pie in the window of the cutie pie plane. Look! Wow! He is such a cutie pie. The cutiest cutie pie.

Hey!!!! Why can’t we go on cutie pie plane!? I want to go on cutie pie plane. I want to be with the cutie pies. I want to be immersed in that culture.

Shut up STUPID! HA ha. Don’t you know? Only cutie pies are allowed on cutie pie planes.


STUPID. You are not a cutie pie! You are an ugly fuck! So ugly. Lol. You’ll never be a cutie pie. NEVER.

The group moves on. They arrive at a nice house on the corner of this suburban town. There are two grandparents in the kitchen which is cheery and bright with pale beige wood and baby blue chairs and light streaming in from the outside. Fresh cookie smells spread throughout the house and out to the outside, so the kids are drawn in.

Knock knock. Let us in!

YEAH, let us in!

We want cookies!

We want cookies now!

Yeah! Yeah, ketamine, yeah so cool.

The grandparents come to the door and see the kids standing there.

Hey kids! Come on in! We’re making cookies! They’ll be ready soon! Party time. It’s such a nice day. What have you be up to?

James has been crying. WAHHH. WAHHHHH. Like a little baby.

Awwwwwww. Who’s James? You? The cutie pie. I’m going to pinch your cheeks.

STtopp iT Grandma!! Stop it!! Haha. That feels nice.

Come on in! Get some cookies!

Want some gin to keep you warm?

Yes Grandma, we’d love some gin. Give it to us. Give it to us pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!

Ok, I’ll give you some gin. KETAMINE gin!! Grandpa keep an eye on the cookies.

YAYAAYAY!! Ketamine gin! Yummy!


The grandmother gives them ketamine gin.

YUMMYYYYY!! What a nice house! We’ll sit on the wraparound porch. And make it quick. Snap. Snap. We’re thirsty.

The kids go sit outside on the porch and watch the cars drive by on the street. The kids pull out more ketamine and sloppily gulp it down. They fill every part of their body with it. They strip themselves naked and rub it into every orifice of their bodies. The girl has a backpack she’s been carrying around. The backpack is entirely full of ketamine. They have so much! A never-ending supply! The kids are so happy on the porch. They are swinging on the swing. They are telling stories. They are smiling and laughing. The grandmother comes out.

KETAMINE COOKIES!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAH!! KETAMINE COOKIES! You get one and you get one and you get one and you! And there’s always more, so we’ll never run out! KETAMINE COOKIES YEAH!


Screams the kids. The all run over to the platter that Grandma is carrying and pick up the cookies and gulp them all down. The grandmother is also carrying a jug.

KETAMINE MILK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! Use it to wash the ketamine cookies down.

The kids drink up all the ketamine milk and lie back down on the swing rubbing their tummies. They are full for now.

The grandmother continues to bring full platters of ketamine cookies out and full jugs of ketamine milk. The kids play with the food and drinks and then devour them. They are full but can always take more ketamine. They make room.

Ketamine ketamine, we LOVE ketamine ALWAYS more ketamine!

The kids sit on the porch for a while and let the ketamine dissolve into their veins. The kids smile at each other and wave and speak little words. The kids watch the sunset and the grandparents through the window into the kitchen which shows the grandparents continuously baking cookies and pulling them out of the oven. The sun has set so the kids decide to get up and walk around more. It is a still, warm night. The kids are dressed in little clothing. The kids are headed toward their favorite park. It is on the outskirts of town and it has a large hill which has a grand view of the city in the distance.



We are the children! The ketamine children!

We are climbing the hill!

We are the kids going to the top!

We will never go to hell!


I NEED KETAMINE!!!!!!! MORE KETAMINE!!!!!!! GIVE ME KETAMINE!!!!!!! Do you have more?


Says the girl.

I have so much ketamine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH KETAMINE!!!!!!

YAY. Yay!!!!!!! Give me some. I want more ketamine!!!!!! Yayyyyyy!!

OK, take it.

He takes the ketamine in his right fist. And puts some in his left fist as well. He shoves one fist down his throat and the other up his ass. They are only a quarter of the way up the hill and he is moaning in ecstasy. His body is convulsing while his friends watch and laugh and joke to one another. And he is present in a different space, at least for a few moments. His body stops convulsing and his pulls his fists out of his body.

Carry on, tiddly-ho! We have to keep going! I LOVE KETAMINE!!!!


Fine DAD!



One foot after the next yall!!

The kids are starting to grow weary. All day they have traveled around town. They have consumed obscene amounts of Ketamine. They are climbing this steep hill which seems to go on and on.

Come on guys!!!!! We can do it!!! It’s not much farther! The view is worth it!


YES! We can!

James is no longer sad. He doesn’t remember the movie. He doesn’t remember what terrified him earlier. His friends have cheered him up. They have helped him have a nice day. The ketamine has also helped. James is climbing rock after rock carefully placing his foot. Ketamine is said to increase agility and it’s been proposed that some of the earliest explorers used Ketamine as a lubricant to give them the strength to climb.



They are approaching the summit. The end is in sight.


She opens her bag and pours the rest of the ketamine down each of their throats, including her own. She shoves it into their asses and up their urethras and into her own. They jump around so excited.

YAY!!!! KETAMINE!!!! We love ketamine!!! We’ve done all the ketamine!!!!

They slowly make their way up the last few feet. They’ve reached the summit. The whole world is right out in front of them. They sit down. They lie down. And they fall asleep.