Weekend at Wizard School

Lavendar, Bluefairy, Pinkdrink, Awesomick, Lightoflife, and Maxwell Hotter the Third are sitting in Pinkdrink’s dormitory. It is super cute and cozy and there is lots of pink everywhere. The room is large and octagonal. There is an abundance of seating so Lavendar and Bluefairy share a large glistening beanbag while Aweosmick lies on the bed and Lightoflife and Maxwell Hotter each get their own couch covered in dusted, ancient tapestries displaying various signs, logos, and symbols. They are sitting and talking and one of them is knitting, or rather, her needles are moving while suspended in mid-air and a scarf has been forming over the course of the evening. The room has four large queen beds, each with its own character, however, none of the other occupants are currently present in the room–Pinkdrink has requested that they take the night off so she can mingle with her own friends. Pinkdrink’s roommates are down at the pub in the village Astro-club, where the drinks make you levitate, getting blasted and flirting with anyone who gives them the slightest bit of attention.

Should we go down to the pub?

No, it’s fucking cold. Turn the heat up.


I second that, turn the heat up!

Pinkdrink waves her hand, and a bright red beam of light shoots out quickly, of the carved piece of wood she’s holding, and strikes the burning fire which grows even larger. The room grows noticeably warmer.

Thank you.

Yes, thank you.

They sit for a second.

Maxwell, what were you saying about All TooTall?

Ooo yeah. Haha. I forgot about that.

You were saying?

Ok, yeah, well, we were in his room, his roommates were at the goblin ghosting party happening outside in the field. We were at that party first, as you know, but then when Dj LeatherPumpkinFace started playing, All held me tight and we made out for a bit before deciding to go back to his room. That’s when I said bye to you Lavendar.

Yeah, I remember.

So, we were in his room making out and moaning and all the other normal stuff you don’t want to hear about, and then when we were naked with our clothes on the floor, Al asked me if we could try something out, and I said “sure, what are you thinking of?”. And he said “this”. In his hand was his wand. “I want you to stick it in my butt”. You know, I wasn’t opposed, and I was a bit curious, so I took his wand and slowly eased it further and further up his asshole. He seemed to really enjoy it. When it was fully in I cast a pleasure spell which shot up colorful sparks throughout his body, some of which bursted out of his mouth. I felt his body collapse and saw fireworks in his eyes which turned into bright red hearts that stayed there for a moment until they slowly faded. After he finished convulsing, he turned back towards me and planted a big kiss on my lips, then wrapped his arms around me.

Maxwell. WHAT. THE. FUCK.


You MUST be joking.

I swear on the growing grass and my moms’ ass.


Oh yeah, what about it? Awwww. I’m the freakiest freak ever.

Damn Maxwell, every time you say some crazy shit, I can’t believe you’ve outlived my existent expectations.

HEY. YALL. I had a great time, and so did he. So, what’s wrong?

Nothing buddybaby. I’m happy for you.

Yeah, WE’RE happy for you.

They all laugh and continue passing around the potion. Hot pop music is playing through the music box, and they all get up, and start dancing, and having fun for a bit.

Ughhhh, I’m so tired!!

Dance the night away!

Awesomick puts his hands into his pants and pulls of a chunk of what appears to be a silver clod of dirt.

Are yall ready?

AWESOMICK!!!! They all shout.

Where’d you get that? Is it real?

Realer than your momma’s babies! I got it from that gremlin and his centaur friend between the plains and the forest. We meet in the cute little cave in which they live. They enchanted part of the ceiling so it really looks like the night sky and the walls sparkle and they have lovely ultra-functionalist furniture paired with 70s funk lounge chairs. I went yesterday and stayed pretty much all night. We did this pixie dust until the sun rose and we fucked multiple times, we’ve been fucking for a while. In the morning when I woke I was covered in scaled and dried sparkly semen which I slowly washed from my body in their shower which is just a waterfall that cuts through the back of the cave. Then I walked back over here and met you for breakfast! Haha.

Why didn’t you tell us earlier?

Wanted it to be a surprise.

Well, it’s a surprise alright.

So, are we going to do this, or what?


Give me some of that!

I want a piece!

They all scramble over to him and pick at the silver clod, each taking a small piece.





Let’s go.

They each shove the drug into their mouths at the same time.

Hmmm, it takes kind of sour.

Just take it in.

Does anyone have anything to wash it down?

Here, take some of this. My cousin sent it over from the meadery he’s working at.

The bottle read Lemon-Dust-Rose and had a large exclamation point planted on its front side. Drink responsibility! LightofLife quickly grabs the bottle and chugs it all down.

Oh no, you shouldn’t have done that.


You’re going to be so fucked up. So fucked up.

Hahaha. Yayyyyy! Can’t wait.

We should all sit down to wait for it to hit us.

How long will that be?

Usually up to an hour. Put some music on. Let’s get the party going.

They sit for fifteen minutes until Lavendar begins to feel its effects.

Yall. I’m high. Super high. Weeeeeeeeee!!! I love it. This is amazing.

I’m unaffected.

Me too.

Join me! Just believe in it.

Over the course of the rest of the hour, they all slowly get higher and higher.

I heard Crissa is having a party. Should we go over?

Hmm. Sure.

The penthouse is far.

That’s true. But not too far. Come on. It’ll be a fun night.


We need to go out to really experience the drug.

You’re right.

I’m excited. This is awesome!

They gather their belongings, jackets and purses and shoes and heels and such, and make their way into the common room all done up for the night.

Omg, they’re so hot. Their peers whisper as they pass by. It is jeopardy night in the common room and the people who are there are either too tired to go out, not interested, or just plain not invited.

The emerge onto an everchanging staircase and look around at all the photographs displayed on the wall. These photographs have no color and are slowly shaking, though not too much to the point where it would be distracting. The photos are all portraits of past students who have graduated from the academy. The photos are taken anonymously and from a distance in the year following a students’ graduation. The student is never directly aware of when the photograph is being taken, so no one can prepare to be photographed. It is a fun memorial, but it does make students extra conscious about their public behavior, it’s also a sort of insurance policy for the students, to keep their behavior post-graduation, to make sure they aren’t harmfully affecting the academy’s reputation.

Wait, which way?

Come on, follow me.

Bluefairy grabs Pinkdrink’s arm, and they hustle up the staircase to the right with the rest of the group following swiftly behind.

Remember Crissa’s last party?

Yeah, where Jane faceplanted into all of that whipped cream? That was ridiculously awesome.

Yep, that’s something I’ll never forget.

It’s such a still night. Why is it so quiet out here? Where is everyone?

It’s still so early. It’s only 9:30.

Then why are we going now?

Crissa is our friend. We said we’d be there early.

Oh, right.

It’s going to take the group about fifteen minutes to get to the party. It’s on the opposite side of the castle. It’s a big castle. Maxwell and Awesomick punctualize the group. They follow a bit separate from the others.

Awesomick, seriously, you have to take care of yourself. You have to make sure you’re safe.

Okayyyy! Maxwell.

It’s important to use a protection spell, you don’t know what sort of cursed viruses are floating around out there, especially in two imbecile’s illicit drug den. They probably fuck around all the time and never even bother with protective spells, I wouldn’t even be surprised.

Ok Maxwell, whatever! Haha. Oh, and by the way, they each used two extra-long protective spells and we fucked the whole night.



Sorry. But still, I just want to make sure you’re alright. I care about you deeply. And I don’t want you to hurt. I’m serious.

I know, I love you buddy.

I love you too.

Isn’t Al crazy?

Yeah, that was wild. But I loved it.

I loved it too.

They wrap their arms around one another and continue following the rest of the group. At the front, Bluefairy and Pinkdrink and Lavendar are all jumping around and giddy and LightofLife is attempting to call their friend who is already at the party.

We can take our time guys! It’s just getting to the point of just getting to the point of getting to the point of starting.

Who told you that?


Ooooooo…Johnny! Why are you still talking to her?

They lovessssssss her. They can’t resist it.

SHUT UP GUYS! Come on. Let’s go.

The group of friends are moving through the mostly deserted hallways. Every so often they stumble upon a two people kissing or talking or other groups of friends moving throughout the castle. The social scene here is split into many groups which overlap at points, but this group is amongst the most popular, at least they are the loudest and craziest and do the most drugs and go to the most parties.

They pass by some of the classrooms in which some of the more scholarly students are working on equations for elixirs. In one of the classrooms, Ike Mightyman, Patricia, and Schoolaré are whipping up batches of their infamous splinter-flinter-pitter-ploss-sparklygloss which is the favorite drug of most of the students in the school. It first turns you into a cube, a literal cube, you have no arms and legs, and you rest on the floor, but because you can’t do anything or think any thoughts it is the most wonderful drug ever. After the box portion of the drug, you turn into a spring and bounce around before turning into a radiant flowing orb and then into a cat (or dog, depending which batch you have). The transformation part of the high lasts around 20 minutes, but the euphoria stays for hours. In the classroom next door, Marticus and Lily and Multyply and Lushiusstrandofhair and SmileyFace and Alex are working on assignment for class. They are attempting to whip up a potion which can make you jump up to 5 feet higher once ingested. It is meant to be used by the policing force when apprehending dangerous criminals. Most of them are planning to head to the state agency after school to work on big and important things.

The group of friends on the way to the party is known for being a bit rowdy and having an polarizing reputation. They are amongst the brightest pupils in the school and are often teacher’s favorites, but they can occasionally be mean and ill-spirited. They travel throughout the halls like they own the place, and they are concerned only with their own enjoyment. They like to stir up the pots and do things which scare them and experiment and enjoy themselves because they know how fleeting youth can be.

Pinkdrink is a little scared to go to this party. Her best friend outside of the group, Natalie Weaselman, is helping throw the party, and she’s unknowingly invited the object of Pinkdrink’s fancy with whom Pinkdrink currently stands in a precarious position. Natalie invited Oxia who invited Sheryl who invited Tittle. Tittle Wittleman and Pinkdrink have known each other since orientation first-year when they were assigned to the same reading group. Throughout that week, Tittle and Pinkdrink conversed loosely and longly and soon became close friends, although secretly Pinkdrink was slowly falling in love. Pinkdrink never told Tittle this, but it grew hard for her to be around him, so their friendship slowly started to loosen at the strings and fade apart. This was almost three years ago, and although they still say hi to each other, they haven’t really talked in a while. Pinkdrink doesn’t know if he’ll be there, but she gets nervous going to any party at the castle because of this because she still loves him and thinks about him often and every time she sees him and realizes that they can’t be together, it’s like a knife stabbing through her heart repeatedly. She’s glad she’s around her friends because they make her happy, and they make her smile.

Pinkdrink, watch this.

Bluefairy points her wand at a nearby statue and whispers a quick spell. The statue comes to live and starts singing a song.


The statue gets off its podium and dances around the floor and continues to sing its song which is increasingly becoming more and more ridiculous.

I am the statue in this corridor! I am the statue of the third floor! Watch my song. Sing my dance. Look around as I prance, prance, prance!


This is ridiculous.


The group keeps moving on and the statue fades back into its statutory post.

That was funny. Where’d you learn that?

I found this old book in the library on magical statues and their properties. It said that all magical statues are alive and just sleeping, waiting to be woken up. Apparently, they are eternally happy creatures, especially when waking from a deep sleep, so, they usually dance if you cast an energy spell to wake them up. He’s one of my favorite statues around the castle, I’d even call him a friend. Every time I pass him now, I wake him up. It’s the least I can do, you know?

You’re so kind.

The group reaches the entrance to the party.

Anyone remember the password? Lightoflife shouts out.


Pickled shrewdsberries on a strawberry farm in the dead of winter.

Your mom!

Your dad!

Ten thousand mistletoes waiting for someone to kiss.

A long-lost party.

A night to remember for ever and ever.

At this last suggestion the door opens up to reveal a small antechamber with another door at its end. Music is seeping through its hinges, and they hear a loud thumping sound accompanying the hit of the decade, Slutty Spell Charm, which has just entered into its second repetition of the chorus. The crowd is singing loudly and can easily be heard through the door. The group does last-minute final touch ups on their outfits before heading in.

Does this look alright?

Yes, this?

Yes baby, you look so hot.


Yes. SEXY.

Lavendar pulls the door open and they enter the party. Across the room, DJ Toadshitgoblinghoulsnackface is playing music, and crowds of people are moving and jumping up and down. On the outskirts of the room, people are conversing in small groups or with one another–either chatting with friends or looking for potential mates.

Here we go yall!! Lavendar yells.

They all rush in. The faces in the room turn to look at the new arrivals. Some linger and look longer, others get back into the music.

Bloody fuck yes! We got this.



The group makes their rounds going around the room and saying hi to familiar faces and being introduced to new bodies they don’t already know.

You look so good! You are fabulous!

Girl, I haven’t seen you in so long. It’s crazy. Did you hear what happened to Toby P?

No girl, tell me, I haven’t seen him around?

Well, they said he dropped out because he fell in love with a nymph and they bought a cute little bungalow off the coast of Aswershia which is partly aboveground and partly underwater so they can spend as much time together as possible.


Yeah, and they only knew each other for about two weeks before he decided to leave.


Yeah, no one’s been able to contact him, and we’re all starting to worry. His parents are sort of freaking out, but they’re trying to be cool, they haven’t heard from him either.

Wow. Girl, how have you been?

The music is pumping and pounding through their veins. The drug starts to hit. They feel everything tilt to one side only for it to straighten up again, and they see themselves flying through space riding on the back of a large dragon.

Giddy-up!! Awesomick screams as he runs around the room. No one notices. The party is in full swing. The ceiling is surrounded by small explosions of colorful fireworks which paint alternating portraits of everyone in the room. The DJ is spinning fresh tunes and there are groups of people dancing and some pairs of people stuck together whispering into each other’s ears. It is a joyous night. They are all kind of happy-lonely. They are waiting for the clock to strike so they can really start the party up. Out in the corridors lurks some of those students employed by the school who are meant to make sure that no one’s up to any mischief. They are distracted by a friend of the host of the party who does not like parties but does like to mess with these lurkers. He runs around to different sides of the castle and causes mischief setting off explosions, creating loud noises, triggering alarms, destroying parts of the building, and writing long, cryptic poems on the walls. The watchers have their hands full with him. They won’t know about the party until it’s too late. Some of the members in the school don’t support this party agenda. They like to rest and get their slept and wake up in the morning and listen to their teachers, they have a path set out in front of them that is strict and secure, and they want to follow it to completion.

Lavendar finds her boyfriend who just arrived. She immediately jumps into his arms and wraps herself around him and they start making out. They rest of the friends are dancing and looking around. Maxwell and Awesomick and LightofLife and Bluefairy are looking for fun or love while the others seem to have their own boos. There’s this kid, Chris, who Maxwell has long fancied. They are partners in a horticulture class, both of them are terrible at their jobs, but they get through it together. Maxwell doesn’t know if Chris likes boys. Maxwell looks for Chris at all the parties, but Chris is the type of guy to watch a movie and fall asleep by 12 on the weekends. They don’t talk much in class, Maxwell is too nervous to initiate conversation, and Chris seems complacent with solitude. It’s not a bad situation. Maxwell can fantasize all he likes. Awesomick likes to fuck. He likes his dealers in the woods. He likes to play and flirt around and explore things he doesn’t understand. He kind of likes to cause trouble. He is looking for someone for this one night, nothing more. Lightoflife doesn’t know what they want. They stand to the side of things and sip a non-intoxicating beverage and don’t partake in any of the drugs, they are a bit of a kept-to-themselves kind of person and like copious alone time and moments for quiet contemplation within big group settings. They are often seen writing at parties or sketching in a sketchbook or talking with some drunk person about complicated ideas which the drunk person might occasionally nod along to because they have no idea what’s going on before trying to get out of there as quickly as possible. Bluefairy is considered one of the kindest and prettiest people in the whole school. She is waiting for someone special. She does not appear to be rushed by any notion of time. She is content with waiting it until the right moment comes along, but she is always on the lookout just in case.

These four bachelors dance in a group and hype themselves up. They love the DJ. They love the music. They love their friends. And they love this school. They are not ready to leave, but they’ll be gone soon, off to their next lives and their future adventures. They’ve decided to embrace and come together for the rest of their time here. They don’t want anything to go to waste.

I just want you to know that I love yall. I truly do. Lightoflife says.

LIGHT! WE LOVE YOU! They all embrace and hug and jump and dance to the music which pumps throughout the room.

This is such a glorious night! Let’s have the time of our lives!

Lavendar and her boyfriend are full-on making out in the corner. Pinkdrink is kissing some girl whose friend she knows through a friend who she knows from arithmetistic complacency casting class. She seems to be having a good time.

The night dwindles on and the friends return to their rooms. The four bachelor’s had no luck. They walked back to Pinkdrink’s room. They all watch as Pinkdrink and her friend made out. They take a few more drugs. They sit around and play a game casting little spells, trying to figure out who stole the Goblin’s gold timepiece. Awesomick turned out to be the culprit, but he was stealthy and won the game. He left first to go out into the woods to meet up with his friends because he was lonely and wanted to be held and wanted a taste of love and comfort. He’s been sleeping out there a lot recently. Maxwell, Lightoflife, and Bluefairy all live in the same hall so they waked home together. Lavendar and her boyfriend left straight from the party. Maxwell sits in his room depressidly for a while before showering and heading to bed.

They all wake up late in the morning and reconvene at breakfast.

Ok…how was everyone’s night? SPILL IT! Lavendar declares as her arm is wrapped around her boyfriend.

Ugh, shut up! You’re one to talk, MISSES IN L-O-V-E. Don’t you have it all Missy?

Yes I do, don’t I baby? Lavendar looks over to her boyfriend who sticks his tongue completely down her throat and grasps her neck lovingly.

Hehe. Yeah baby, you do. He says while staring into her eyes.

I went home and cried a bit. Maxwell declares.

At that moment Awesomick walks in. He holds two satchels in both of his arms and slams them down onto the table. Look what I’ve got! They hurriedly open up the bags to see the contents, which are all drugs.

YES! Hand clenched into a fist and pumping up into the air.

Yeah baby!

I know what we’re doing today! HA HA.

The group makes plans to reconvene in an hour. It’s only Saturday, they have a bit of a break. They’ll head into the woods and sit near the pond and swim a bit with the nymphs and dryads and mermaids and do drugs and maybe make love and just have some great fun. It’s sort of a tradition for them. They do this every Saturday.

Lavendar, Bluefairy, Pinkdrink, Awesomick, Lightoflife, and Maxwell Hotter the Third each run back to their respective rooms to prepare. They need to freshen up and put things together and settle all their out-dues. They grab bathing suits and books and sunglasses and speakers and music and snacks and blankets and baskets and other friends who might want to join. It’s a sunny, warm day, the middle of spring and they all need a break from it all, really, just a moment to relax. They reconvene and head out. It’s not a long walk, but not entirely easy. There’s a hill to climb and a forest with mostly friendly creatures to walk through. The mole on the lawn wants to join them. Henry is his name. His is nice and calm and cute and he likes to be around them because they like to pet him and he can just roll around in the grass. Their dealer has developed a new drug which allows him to grow and speak and turn into a person, so he can really feel apart of the group. They are all joined by Patricia the Talking Pony and Ali the Alabaster Countertop. Ali usually resides in the dining room or kitchen, but every so often they need an escape which usually ends up being a Saturday excursion. A few other random friends come along and they walk rhythmically through the forest passing some other centaur folk who join them, teenagers who have a break from school, and some assorted toads and spiders who want a change of scenery. Some of them travel on broom-stick, some teleport, and some walk in all old-fashioned-like on their own two feet.

This is the life!

Lavendar exclaims as they walk through the woods and feel the nature in between their toes. School is one thing, fun is another. They can manage both but truly graze in the hands of those moments which bring them joy and smiles that expand on their joyful and ambitious faces.

It’s such a lovely day. What more is there to want? Elephant shandy? Tripply tipping totter ups? Swriling pixies in tomato soup?

No darling. I’m just pleased to be here with you.

Ya’ll are insane. LITERALLY insane.

Hey! Let them do their thing. If they want to dance, let them dance!

The group moves out of the forest and into the clearing. The water is glistening like a thousand rubies hidden for a thousand years and its whispering to them, inviting them in. Letting them know that it’s fully primed and prepared and wants something to coddle and hold. The water has a lot to share. The kids rip off their clothes, stuff the drugs into their faces, and run directly into the water.

Ooo, it’s so warm.

This is amazing.

I could get used to this.

No splashing please! Let’s be cordial.

Ali the Alabaster Countertop floats on top of the water and Awesomick uses them as a floatation device.

Thank you Ali!

No problem Awesomick! How have you been?

Ali Ali Ali, I can’t lie. Life’s been amazing! I’ve been feeling great. Not been too down. Not been overthinking too much. I wake up everyday excited and it’s such a change from where I used to be.

Yeah, I remember that. You used to cry all the time. Hey, anyone else remember that? Ali shouts out to the group. No one responds because no one hears him.

Yeah Ali, whatever.

Just as the kids are playing in the water and the sun is high in the sky and the music is hitting the right frequency and the fruit is all ripe, a turtle runs out of the woods with a hen and a centaur followed by a unicorn and a dragon and finally a giant. They are all out of breath from running and look terrified, but upon seeing the group they burst out into contagious laughter until they start crying again once they see the reality of their situation.

HE'S COMING! They scream.

The groups all confused. This hasn’t happened before and they don’t know what to do.

What? Who? Lavendar’s boyfriend asks.


Okay, what’s with all the dramatics?

He’s stealing everything!


HIM! OH NO. The speaking voices’ hand points behind all of them and they slowly turn before bursting out into laughter. There are letters floating in the air, the say “MAN WHO’S TAKING YOUR LAND, I AM STEALING EVERYTHING”. The newcomers to the party shudder at the sight of him. Lightoflife briefly walks up and introduces themselves and asks for consent which is swiftly granted. Lightoflife pulls out a marker and an eraser and erases all the letters and replaces them with a big smiley face. The intruders relax because their land is safe, so they quickly join in on the party and drink a lot of intoxicating liquid and consume a lot of hallucinogenic substances.

The party continues and slowly picks up as other students and stragglers join in. Bluefairy and Pinkdrink decide to make a bowl of punch combining all the liquid and solid illegal substances.

The newcomers are having lots of fun. Uke the Unicorn is dancing in the shallow end of the water and showing off their illustrious mane. Tim the Turtle is laying on his back. And Danny the Dragon takes some of the students on rides through the air while roasting marshmallows, through his nostrils, at the same time. He charges his riders one single kiss on the cheek which they are more than happy to oblige.

Soon, the sun starts to go down and dinner starts to be cooked and the party slows down in tempo and they all take naps before eating. They head back to the school, once the sun is fully down, to prepare for the night. This gaggle of friends is headed to a party in the big city which isn’t too far from school. They’ve stolen a few brooms from the cupboard and some real brooms from the athletic facility and that’s how they’ve arranged transportation. Two people to each broom to increase safety. And connectors between all of them to make sure they don’t drift too far out of line. First, they need to head back to their rooms to figure out outfits. They choose vampires as their collective group theme. Vampires have been extinct for five hundred years and Awesomick is one of the last vampiric descendants, so they choose it as a tribute. They use spells to grow fake fangs and spells to change the tone of their blood and spells to give them Transylvanian accents. Maxwell is looking for a red vest, which he knows he has but can’t find, under the piles of his clothes. Bluefairy is frantically searching for something she cannot find while Lavendar sits on her desk sucking on a lollipop. The preparations are underway. They have plenty of time to kill before they have to go.

Does anyone know where my ruby-red socks are? I know they’re here somewhere. I washed them yesterday.

Did you look over there?

Yes. I looked over there.

What about there? A hand juts out.

Yes, I checked over there.

The hand digs through the pile. Is this it?

Yes, that’s it.

HA. Told you.

Hey, give me that! The hand and the sock are running around the room. Bluefairy gets the sock in her hand and shoves it onto her foot.

Getting ready! Getting ready, yeah! So ready! So pumped! We’re going out.


The group leaves the castle and hops on their brooms and heads out to the party. They are in their dancing clothes. They are pumped up and ready to go. They all mount the brooms and head off into the air. Some other students are running around the grounds and in the forest, and some are swimming in the lakes, but they are off to the city for the night.

A few hours later the brooms come back in sight as the castle is quiet and seemingly empty. The friends all hop off the brooms and quickly dismount before running into the kitchen and grabbing the food that’s left over from dinner. They are making lots of noise and playing their music loudly and don’t care about anyone else who might be listening. The guards in the hallway are distracted by the pranksters who are up to their games, so they are not aware of what’s else is going on. The friends talk about the night and settle down while decompressing and processing all that happened. They talk about the music and how good it felt and how they were so alive when it was on and then they talk about their insecurities and beliefs and hopes for the future and how they want things to work out and how they’ll miss each other deeply and how they don’t know how they’ll survive if they’re separated, even for a moment. They kiss and hug and kiss and hug and kiss and hug and make up and make out and then they all retreat back to their rooms in a variety of different emotional states. It is a peaceful night and they are trying to figure themselves out, and they are wondering what happened to the time and how everything moved by so quickly until it just ended up out of sight. Eyes are closed and bodies are resting on beds. And the friends slowly start to fall asleep and fade into the next day, to see what it’ll bring.

Sunday is slow. They wake up at different times and run to get breakfast and arrive at different times and eat with other friends and start slow conversations and try to recap the weekend. There are lots of conversations happening in the mess hall where everyone eats and so many voices overlap. It isn’t hard to hear. There’s just a lot of sensory input, so it’s a bit hard to focus and be present. Maxwell talks and eats with Katia and Bluefairy. Lavendar and her boyfriend arrive an hour later. Lightoflife ate in their room. Awesomick somehow ended up back with the drug dealers, and Pinkdrink missed breakfast. They move on their paths and meet up at the library to study where they mostly just talk and flip through books and try to come to conclusions which they think sort of make sense. It’s a bit difficult for them to focus with all the substances still pulsing through their veins, and they’re working hard to try to help the substances pass through. They want to escape this moment, but there’s truly so much work that needs to be done.

The night passes on and completion looms in the distance. The friends are winding down and congratulating themselves on the weekend well spent. The sleep is much needed. The time has come. They come together in Pinkdrink’s dormitory for a final drink. They sit around and share a moment of solitude. Then gratitude. Then they disperse to their rooms. They lie in bed. They fall asleep. They are ready to start another week.